BRW Most Innovative

Great success! LexisNexis was named in the number 12 on the BRW Most Innovative Companies for 2012.

Ok, so why I am so excited?

The submission was based upon LexisNexis Red which I’ve been leading the UX and creative for since June, so for a very young product we are smashing out great designs for the clients and getting noticed in the process.

What makes Red not only successful but highly innovative for the clients it focuses on mobility and integration via targeted user research and validation of the product with key user groups.

The end result giving us the KFC herbs and spices to create a stunningly awesome app the clients love to use. Also there’s a great article for the NSW Police using my work.

Next stop, the Mobi Awards because I am looking for some more silverware :P

12 thoughts for 2012

1. Dark Knight Rise, better than I was hoping for.
2. Quoting Bane for the week after watching it will annoy. Then I give you permission.
3. The Avengers movie was also worth it, though Soundgarden at the end, nuff said… Do those guys actually get old?
4. A Loco Moco is the breakfast of champions.
5. The best way to see a mass exodus of staff is to cheap out with the end of year party.
6. Every second Bond film is AWESOME.
7. Why did I ever stop using 50mm prime lenses?
8. There is no cafe on the 5th level at Tiffany’s in New York despite what people tell you.
9. Tandoori tans are not a good look on anyone.
10. Eva Longoria’s cookbook is actually worth buying for the quality of the recipes (I am serious here, the Tortilla Soup is brilliant).
11. No good story ever start with “I had a few salads”.
12. Most importantly you don’t have to do what you don’t want to do.

3 Tablets


With the release of some really great tablet devices during the last few months like the Nexus7, Surface and iPad mini it started me to think of with so many of them targeted heavily to the different platforms where would this lead the end consumer?

Each tablet hardware and OS is suitable for different specialised tasks though there is some cross over. During the next few years I can see there is going to be 3 devices within a connected user’s workflow. Read More...

The Innovation Killers

Over ten years of creative experience has given me 5 key rules that in my opinion kill innovation and creativity in its tracks. Via some CSI and Dexter techniques, I am going to explore these killers of innovation. Read More...

If I had a cat it would wear pants...

Buzzwords (Argumentum verbosium)… I keep hearing, they are ideals senior management tend to jump on and embrace. Diversity Alignment Empowerment Strategy sure does sounds awesome in a keynote but how does it translate to business operations, specifically tactic and strategy?

After starting my new job as a Senior UX Designer it is interesting seeing the crossover of brand design and how it is applied to UX. On a semantical level good UX really does shape the perception a user or client has towards both brand and product. Read More...

Being a LinkedIn Ninja

Linkedin it’s great, a Facebook for work. I have noticed a few things that have kept popping onto to the network I thought I’d post a quick article about. Read More...

Experience FTW

Marketing vs development is an interesting beast, the marketer in me always would like to see new features that I probably would never use while the developer would rather see refinements in the overall experience. Which is better?

Good marketing will get you through the door (or to quote Edwin Land, Marketing succeeds where products fail) however good development will allow you to keep the client thus a balanced approach is needed.

For a larger company this really isn’t an issue because you have enough resources to assign them to the right places to ensure the is a balance but for a smaller business that isn’t really the case. Read More...


A real highlight for me in NYC was going to the Delta Grill on 8th Avenue (no affiliation to the meh Aussie singer), it was a Southern styled bar and restaurant with a very cool vibe to it. I’d recommend giving it a try even just for the Bourbon Pecan Pie after a show on Broadway.

Foodwise, all of the regular Southern vitals were on the menu including Dirty Rice, Gumbo, Jambalaya, Po’ Boys not to mention some good fusions New York styled dishes with a Southern twist.

There was also an awesome arrangement of imported beers and a great selection of cocktails very well done. Great food that got me motivated to make a Louisiana Styled Jambalaya when I arrived home, here’s my take on Jambalaya. Read More...

From Broadway to the Land of Oz

For all who don’t know I’ve just returned from my honeymoon in New York City. My wife and myself had the time of our lives over there in one seriously awesome city.

I thought it would be a great opportunity to post some things not most would think about with visiting the Big Apple and also hopefully to explain what I was doing on hiatus for 2 weeks (which was having seriously awesome time). Read More...

Crab Bisque

After trying the Soup Man’s Lobster Bisque in New York City it got me motivated to create something similar, though Lobster was out of season I thought crabs or prawns would (or could) work as well.

Here’s my take on the Bisque, it’s actually really easy and quick to make and I’d suggest serving it with a crusty French Roll. Read More...

A gift of film

Prometheus - Trailer 2 from Ante-Cinema on Vimeo.

I admit it I am a film nerd, but not to the effort of dressing up in Star Wars kit. After seeing the new Prometheus trailer I am pumped to see the prequel to the Alien saga, it looks like it won’t disappoint considering the cast and Ridley Scott at the helm.

From the snippits of the trailer I think Scott is trying to mix in the myth of Prometheus to the Alien and Predator universe and it does look like it’s going to work a treat with developing a solid plot and really explaining the origins of the series.

I cannot wait to see it (but not in 3D), can’t wait till June 8th Laugh

Locomotion, Hawaiian Style


There’s nothing better than getting up on a Saturday morning and starting the weekend by cooking yourself a breakfast you don’t usually get the time through the week to do.

I’m a real foody at heart and really want to share this one, I’ve had many friends ask me what is a Loco Moco? Where can I get it? How can I make? This will hopefully answers that and inspires this dish to cross some borders.

It’s great, it’s tasty, it’s easy to make. Trust me. Read More...

Say it Digitally

If I could predict one thing for this year I would really have to say it’s the rise of the machines, well all things mobile that is.

Smart phones and mobile computing will be king for 2012 and the real winners are going to be the company who cannot only create a great experience on them but also really integrate the social to the mix. Read More...

Weather Creative Demo

Weather Graphics Demo from Shamus Hart on Vimeo.

I know I’m the weather guy, but here’s something I’ve been extremely happy with creating as a demo concept it’s enable me to embrace FCP and Motion 5 to create something a little more engaging than the usual stills.

If I had learnt two things from this process, Motion is seriously resource hungry and Photoshop layers can’t be opened very well (or at all) in Motion 5.

Enjoy Happy

Tropical Cyclone PSD

I haven’t had much opportunity to matte paint or composite video for a while now, so when I got the request to mock something up for a demo I welcomed the opportunity to “brush up” on Photoshop and Motion to create something sweet.

So far it’s a single frame and still needs a little polish but I think it’s getting there, once completed I’ll post a high resolution image and video. Stay tuned.

Being unimpressive is by far less stressful

For nearly ten years I’ve worked in and around graphics and creative, the one thing that I’ve noticed pops up at nearly every place I’ve been is the absolute need for innovation and creativity.

Every brand or product wants to be innovative and creative well this is the general direction most want. But really does everything need to be innovative or creative, is this notion practical?

From experience some things just don’t need to be rather they just need to do what they’re supposed to do and do it well. A well designed product of any kind that gives the end user or customer a great experience will always fare better than an over designed or innovative one. Read More...

Movies for 2012


Though I usually on use this blog I occasionally use this for something that gets me pumped, there are some seriously awesome films and I can’t wait to see (and buy) this year.

Last year my highlight movie would have been a tie between X-Men First Class and Captain America, and of course I’m going to have to mention Inception again. Great movies I had been looking forward to in 2011 so what about 2012? Read More...

Apple Refurbs


This has been a thing I’ve been ask about a lot lately, the best kept secret in my opinion for buying a mac is the Apple Refurb store. My last 3 Apple purchases were from the refurbished part of the site, generally you’re getting new computer with a 20%-35% discount this I think is pretty darn good.

My Early 2007 Macbook Pro was purchased via the site, so instead of the $2699 price tag I managed to get it for $1749 which at the time I thought was an extremely good price. Read More...