New Site Finally Up

After a very hectic last 3 months I’ve finally managed to finish and update my web site. The site itself was built around CSS3 and HTML5 which meant I was able to include some rather cool things like embedded fonts and updated lightbox effects.

Also interestingly enough I decided on a custom build via Espresso instead of the “stock standard” Smashing Proudfolio as I’ve seen many designers use (though there’s nothing wrong with that), I’m pretty happy with how it looks and has turned out considering I feel I’ve gone from CSS n00b to ninja in a few months. It’s interesting getting into HTML5 and CSS3 from the perspective I think it will be massive once the smart phone thing really hits critical mass this year.

Again a portfolio is never completely finished, I will be adding video and a few more projects shortly.

Motion 5

My passion has always been motion graphics and animation so when Apple released Motion for $59.95 I was keen to get a hold of it. I was even more keen to get a hold of it when they price dropped it $10, thank you strong AUD.

First impressions, the UI is awesome it’s intuitive well thought out and logical for workflow. Apple has seemed to address the “clunkiness” of the last version with streamlining how you apply effects, use of the templates and defining the nitty gritty of the settings. Read More...

Weatherzone No.1 in the Appstore

Weatherzone Plus hit number one paid App in the Appstore on iTunes on the 7th and 8th of November, this is something I am proud of being a part of.

Though I was one of 3 working on the new Weatherzone App, I was mainly concentrated on the look and feel of the finished product along with the promotional collateral, however to hit no.1 on the Appstore is a massive feat for Weatherzone. Read More...

Mac Mini 2011

After a year of waiting the new Mac Minis were finally released last week, my initial impressions was that Apple have finally produced an impressive little home entertainment and compact desktop unit.

I was wondering if Apple would going with the new AMD A8 APU with a dedicated video card, yet I was kind of prepared for a Sandy Bridge i3 with the craptacular Intel Integrated Graphics. Read More...

Sonybucks at SMPTE

I managed to visit to check out SMPTE for the first since 2009, and I’ve notice though the GFC is over the effects are still felt. SMPTE I felt was a ghost town it seemed very low key not to mention the stalls didn’t give out much in the way of freebies.

The highlight would must be the Sony exhibition, nothing worth wild with hardware but they did make me a free long black which was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. I am guessing because the weather really did dictate a hot drink was more than welcome. Read More...

Good Design is Invisible

With Weatherzone mostly rebranded it interesting to look back upon the project as a whole, the big learning curve I had found was nothing to do with how the branding design was done rather I was amazed how much “ownership” people have with a brand.

Many stakeholders were dead against for improving the how the brand functioned, the main belief and attitudes being “if it ain’t broke why fix it?”. Read More...

QANTM of Solace

A very good friend rang me a few weeks ago and asked me if I wanted to do a guest lecture in design for broadcast, I was more than happy to help him out of course lecturing two groups that are completing a BComm.

The lectures were an interesting thing, more than anything it did teach me rather than the lecture for the students. Odd idea I guess, but the students’ feedback was specifically it did give them some good ideas and insight into the industry as a whole while for myself it did give me the realisation of how far I’ve come (and how old I feel). Read More...

Apple iPad2

It’s funny to see how well the iPad1 was critiqued (being under featured) while the new iPad2 is favoured to outsell the original by a massive margin. The big question I need to ask do I want to wait for the new iPad2 or pick up a real bargain with the current model (being $240-$340 cheaper than it was a week ago)? Read More...

Japanese Whispers

Finally got the go ahead for NHK, which has brought a very interesting project along with some new challenge to Weatherzone.

Interestingly enough there are not only the cultural concerns with producing the graphics for them but using the “Japanese” whispers approach with translations for what the client wants which makes overall communication interesting.

I will add more once the graphics are completed.