From Broadway to the Land of Oz

For all who don’t know I’ve just returned from my honeymoon in New York City. My wife and myself had the time of our lives over there in one seriously awesome city.

I thought it would be a great opportunity to post some things not most would think about with visiting the Big Apple and also hopefully to explain what I was doing on hiatus for 2 weeks (which was having seriously awesome time).

The Frick Collection

If I could recommend something to do that most would miss or not even realise is there would have to be The Frick Collection. All know about the Met or Guggenheim from my experience this rates above, it’s worth checking it out for both the collection of art ranging from Vermeer, Rembrandt, Goya to Medieval to Gothic and the architecture of the building.
The Frick Collection is basically the former house of Henry Clay Frick donated to the public as a museum, the difference is that it’s not the classic gallery rather a collection of artworks purchased by Henry Clay Frick at the turn of the century he enjoyed. The arrangement of the artwork is of an art lover not a classically trained artisan who would categorise the art into specific areas, this makes for a unique and amazing arrangement of great art.

Frick was not a curator but a classical pioneer of the American Iron/Steel industry who happened to be patron of the arts, this was his gift and legacy to NYC, the house and collection optimises the American dream.
The Met is another absolute must, and don’t be tight either about the entry because it’s worth every cent be able to see some of the finest examples of classical art and artefacts. If anything the Frick is a must see in NYC, furthermore it’s not far from the Met so it’s very easy to do both in one day and have lunch in Central Park. It’s the best $USD50 you will spend for two brilliant collections of artwork.

Food Carts and 5 Star Greasy

After a little reservation I though I’d “play the lotto of my stomach” and try one of the many food carts and vans around the NYC. It is tasty and quick food not to mention cheap, I am really going to miss this in Sydney.
The food varied from the American standard Hotdog or Pretzel to the far more tasty and exotic, if I were to recommend anything it would have to be the Lamb or Chicken Gyros (to the Aussies out there, it is like a 3am kebab but better) and the Chicken over Rice, both could be bought on nearly every main street with a can of Coke for about $USD7-9.

Really cheap and really hitting the spot when having a big day out. I would recommend trying a food van but from experience the better ones are the vans/carts with a bit of a line it’s a short wait but ultimately worth it.

Also there are plenty of great high end “greasy eats” places to experience, I’d suggest checking out The Shake Shack, Schnippers and 5 Napkin Burger, all do awesome burgers, onion rings/fries and peanut butter shakes (you really must try them) and these really seems to be part of the New Yorker philosophy about turning the fast food sort of upmarket.

Top of the Rock

If you don’t like a two hour wait for Empire I’d strongly suggest trying the Rockefeller Center, their observation deck is aptly named “Top of the Rock”. It’s $USD25 to get in but IMHO it’s a far better view because you can see both Empire and the Chrysler building not to mention Central Park.
You can also combined the ticket with a tour of NBC and a tour of the Rockefeller Centre, plus the waiting is far less and there’s no time restriction for how long you want to be there. So it’s win/win if you want to see the best views of the Big Apple.

The Toilets

I have to mention there seems to be a serious lack of bathrooms in NYC. So a word from the wise it’s not a great idea to start the day with a Venti Vanilla Iced Latte from Starbucks. It’s actually rather amusing to think of considering there is a Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts or Dean & Deluca on every single corner (I kid not) bathrooms are few and far between.

For me finding a bathroom, notably the Westin, W and Hiltons all have great clean restrooms but the real stand out was the one in the Steinway Building (the guys who make pianos) was amazing and I suspect similar to peeing in the Sistine Chapel (the artwork, deco and fittings were fit for a king). If it’s worth anything I’d suggest checking Steinway out just for the restroom.
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