14 Things for 2014

1. Transformers 4 proves action/explosions are not a substitute for a plot.
2. Gumshara still makes the best Ramen in Sydney, a close second Ryo’s.
3. Ideas are ideas until they are delivered.
4. Guardians of the Galaxy was far better than I expected, I’d go as far as saying the best movie I’ve watched for 2014.
5. Apple refurbs are still the best valued computers.
6. The ATH-M50 Headphones is the best $125 (inc. shipping) I’ve spent.
7. Clients never buy features. They buy on experience and a compelling story.
8. Some bridges are meant to be burned, so you don’t make the same mistakes.
9. GoT is as shocking to read as to watch. Maybe more so.
10. Ideas are ideas until they are delivered.
11. Responsive design isn’t a business plan.
12. Why did I ever stop listening to Kyuss, Soundgarden and Monster Magnet?
13. South American food is awesome.
14. Problems are never solved by people who created them.

Leaving a Job

I managed to have a great chat the other day with a good work friend the other day, interestingly enough we spoke about why people leave a business.

Retention is the challenge companies face, where there are plenty of theories floating and excuses why people leave. I consider it to be three things why people stay these are the people, the pay and the position but are these the same or is there one specific reason why a person a would leave a good position?

Interestingly a great point was raised, employees generally fire bosses. His point being that ultimately all leaders are accountable to and by their employees, thus fairness, integrity, openness and recognition play huge role with why anyone would respect and want to continue working with a leader.

Thought provoking nevertheless.

12 thoughts for 2012

1. Dark Knight Rise, better than I was hoping for.
2. Quoting Bane for the week after watching it will annoy. Then I give you permission.
3. The Avengers movie was also worth it, though Soundgarden at the end, nuff said… Do those guys actually get old?
4. A Loco Moco is the breakfast of champions.
5. The best way to see a mass exodus of staff is to cheap out with the end of year party.
6. Every second Bond film is AWESOME.
7. Why did I ever stop using 50mm prime lenses?
8. There is no cafe on the 5th level at Tiffany’s in New York despite what people tell you.
9. Tandoori tans are not a good look on anyone.
10. Eva Longoria’s cookbook is actually worth buying for the quality of the recipes (I am serious here, the Tortilla Soup is brilliant).
11. No good story ever start with “I had a few salads”.
12. Most importantly you don’t have to do what you don’t want to do.

The Innovation Killers

Over ten years of creative experience has given me 5 key rules that in my opinion kill innovation and creativity in its tracks. Via some CSI and Dexter techniques, I am going to explore these killers of innovation. Read More...

If I had a cat it would wear pants...

Buzzwords (Argumentum verbosium)… I keep hearing, they are ideals senior management tend to jump on and embrace. Diversity Alignment Empowerment Strategy sure does sounds awesome in a keynote but how does it translate to business operations, specifically tactic and strategy?

After starting my new job as a Senior UX Designer it is interesting seeing the crossover of brand design and how it is applied to UX. On a semantical level good UX really does shape the perception a user or client has towards both brand and product. Read More...

Being a LinkedIn Ninja

Linkedin it’s great, a Facebook for work. I have noticed a few things that have kept popping onto to the network I thought I’d post a quick article about. Read More...

Being unimpressive is by far less stressful

For nearly ten years I’ve worked in and around graphics and creative, the one thing that I’ve noticed pops up at nearly every place I’ve been is the absolute need for innovation and creativity.

Every brand or product wants to be innovative and creative well this is the general direction most want. But really does everything need to be innovative or creative, is this notion practical?

From experience some things just don’t need to be rather they just need to do what they’re supposed to do and do it well. A well designed product of any kind that gives the end user or customer a great experience will always fare better than an over designed or innovative one. Read More...

Sonybucks at SMPTE

I managed to visit to check out SMPTE for the first since 2009, and I’ve notice though the GFC is over the effects are still felt. SMPTE I felt was a ghost town it seemed very low key not to mention the stalls didn’t give out much in the way of freebies.

The highlight would must be the Sony exhibition, nothing worth wild with hardware but they did make me a free long black which was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. I am guessing because the weather really did dictate a hot drink was more than welcome. Read More...

QANTM of Solace

A very good friend rang me a few weeks ago and asked me if I wanted to do a guest lecture in design for broadcast, I was more than happy to help him out of course lecturing two groups that are completing a BComm.

The lectures were an interesting thing, more than anything it did teach me rather than the lecture for the students. Odd idea I guess, but the students’ feedback was specifically it did give them some good ideas and insight into the industry as a whole while for myself it did give me the realisation of how far I’ve come (and how old I feel). Read More...