Say it Digitally

If I could predict one thing for this year I would really have to say it’s the rise of the machines, well all things mobile that is.

Smart phones and mobile computing will be king for 2012 and the real winners are going to be the company who cannot only create a great experience on them but also really integrate the social to the mix.

Trend wise, functionality is for social, storage is cloud based while OS is heading towards highly integrated mobile route. The proof not just being Android or iOS but to look at Windows 8 and Mountain Lion media releases, it looks like the desktop PC is being a thing of the past for the majority of consumers.

This is specifically why I see the likes of Flash going the way dinosaurs this year and HTML5 and CSS3 coming into its own due to support both Android and iOS for mobile. This way you’re supporting the new environment with lean for fast download and able to support the different platforms easily, this also I feel is going to significantly change how brands monetise advertising on the interwebs.

Cringeworthy as it sounds, I’m actually starting to agree with Tony Abbott’s NBN idea about the node to node fibre and boost to mobile networks because it is answering the of demand at a much lower cost. There are many like myself who have gone wireless, in fact I haven’t gone with a physical line for years and there are many who want mobile thus the need for supporting 3G networks and moving into 4G I think will also come into its own shortly.

I am actually very excited about is Windows 8, after taking a look online the OS it looks like it’s delivering on the promise I was hoping Vista could have been. Direction wise it is different to OSX Mountain Lion which I really think is a great position, instead Microsoft stopped cargo culting and have started getting back to what Microsoft does well. What I really can see Windows 8 doing is create some momentum for Microsoft’s mobile platforms and new XBOX 720 because the way it is looking very focused a pseudo tablet looking OS plus the majority of the API’s will transfer to each iteration of 8.

Further to this I think for general broadcasting TV will have another tough year regarding monetising content and getting people to tune back into the box considering the shift to online long form content, with digital more accessible the success will be based around the potential of watching the same thing different deliveries.

Again I am *hoping* Hulu is going to set up down under.

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