And back to the Weather...

A very good group who I have worked with in the past has just offered me an awesome opportunity to design some graphics for them as a part of some much needed collateral.

After 12 months being out of broadcast weather graphics then jumping back into with a few really cool ideas for apply information and how it’s better displayed rather than raw numbers. It also raised some insights into how on a culture level information can be interpreted and how colour and iconography can overcome the language barrier.

Weather Creative Demo

Weather Graphics Demo from Shamus Hart on Vimeo.

I know I’m the weather guy, but here’s something I’ve been extremely happy with creating as a demo concept it’s enable me to embrace FCP and Motion 5 to create something a little more engaging than the usual stills.

If I had learnt two things from this process, Motion is seriously resource hungry and Photoshop layers can’t be opened very well (or at all) in Motion 5.

Enjoy Happy

Tropical Cyclone PSD

I haven’t had much opportunity to matte paint or composite video for a while now, so when I got the request to mock something up for a demo I welcomed the opportunity to “brush up” on Photoshop and Motion to create something sweet.

So far it’s a single frame and still needs a little polish but I think it’s getting there, once completed I’ll post a high resolution image and video. Stay tuned.

Japanese Whispers

Finally got the go ahead for NHK, which has brought a very interesting project along with some new challenge to Weatherzone.

Interestingly enough there are not only the cultural concerns with producing the graphics for them but using the “Japanese” whispers approach with translations for what the client wants which makes overall communication interesting.

I will add more once the graphics are completed.

Weatherzone Rebrand, Finally

This is something I’ve worked long and hard to get the business unit to address and finally we’ve got a new B2B brand and logo for the organisation.

In nutshell the idea was to modernise the design of the brand and position the B2B and B2C sides of the business to a place where it’s easier to sell from a B2B perspective by positioning from a very iconic brand being Weatherzone. Read More...

ABC Network Overhaul

After 6 months of some very hard work ABC Weather Graphics have finally gone live. This is by far the largest project I’ve been involved in while this was the most complex install Weatherzone had completed.

Overall the graphics had been received very well by both ABC management and the viewers, the complete install included the set up of 9 WeatherOne Viking systems, 348 Graphical Sequences, creation of all graphical and the in-servicing of staff in each capital city. All processes were met with success which was a great feat considering the whole project was developed by 3 people.