3 Tablets


With the release of some really great tablet devices during the last few months like the Nexus7, Surface and iPad mini it started me to think of with so many of them targeted heavily to the different platforms where would this lead the end consumer?

Each tablet hardware and OS is suitable for different specialised tasks though there is some cross over. During the next few years I can see there is going to be 3 devices within a connected user’s workflow.

For home, this is where Apple the iPad is king. For the mainstream iPad this is going to be the exclusive home users primary used tablet while laying on the couch and checking their bank details, surfing the web, video chatting and consuming high fidelity and rich media streaming it to their TVs. For home the larger format full function tablets will be used and shared, the key point here the specialisation for the tablet will remain for home usage only.

Now here where it gets interesting, 7” tablets are a mixed bag. For what they are they are ideal for media consumers on the go, the smaller Kindle, iPad Mini, iPod touch, and Nexus7 are filling this area so well really great quality screens at a throw away price, this target is for the people travel to and from work. eBooks, videos and some online content is absolutely perfect for the daily commute simply because on a cramped bus or train trip a smaller tablet is much better suited size wise.

Windows 8 I’ve actually been rather excited about because it linked the OS to the different articulation of computing better than previous versions of Windows did due to the symbioses between the levels of devices (e.g. laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet). This is where the Surface is going to go tremendously well, that is within the corporate market, with integration for Office I can see many executives ditching the old systems and laptops for adopting tablet or transformer devices for emails, Powerpoint, Office and video conferencing.

Integration, flexibility and mobility is going to be key and this is why during the next year or two it’s going to be a good time to adopt more than one tablet to segregate the different roles a device can play. The best thing being with mobile and the cloud you’re not going to miss any files or content depending on how many devices you have and it will mean there’s going to be no need to have Facebook on supplied work devices Winking
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