Weatherzone Rebrand, Finally

This is something I’ve worked long and hard to get the business unit to address and finally we’ve got a new B2B brand and logo for the organisation.

In nutshell the idea was to modernise the design of the brand and position the B2B and B2C sides of the business to a place where it’s easier to sell from a B2B perspective by positioning from a very iconic brand being Weatherzone. Read More...

ABC Network Overhaul

After 6 months of some very hard work ABC Weather Graphics have finally gone live. This is by far the largest project I’ve been involved in while this was the most complex install Weatherzone had completed.

Overall the graphics had been received very well by both ABC management and the viewers, the complete install included the set up of 9 WeatherOne Viking systems, 348 Graphical Sequences, creation of all graphical and the in-servicing of staff in each capital city. All processes were met with success which was a great feat considering the whole project was developed by 3 people.