14 Things for 2014

1. Transformers 4 proves action/explosions are not a substitute for a plot.
2. Gumshara still makes the best Ramen in Sydney, a close second Ryo’s.
3. Ideas are ideas until they are delivered.
4. Guardians of the Galaxy was far better than I expected, I’d go as far as saying the best movie I’ve watched for 2014.
5. Apple refurbs are still the best valued computers.
6. The ATH-M50 Headphones is the best $125 (inc. shipping) I’ve spent.
7. Clients never buy features. They buy on experience and a compelling story.
8. Some bridges are meant to be burned, so you don’t make the same mistakes.
9. GoT is as shocking to read as to watch. Maybe more so.
10. Ideas are ideas until they are delivered.
11. Responsive design isn’t a business plan.
12. Why did I ever stop listening to Kyuss, Soundgarden and Monster Magnet?
13. South American food is awesome.
14. Problems are never solved by people who created them.
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