Search, this one had come up a few times recently. Products for 2ft or desktop web then you do have to option for either advanced search or filters, but for the lean back experience with 1ft mobile or console (e.g. XBOX One or PS4) then more actionable items take up screen space or is limited via the input device.

My previous few projects I needed to address how would any user get to where they need to if you remove full-functioned searching or are there better options overall than the usual search functionality for digital products?

Lean back experience creates issues with complex or advanced searching, specifically from inputing the terms for mobile and typing terms or linking up a device to a smart TV. The last few projects addressed the issue with detailed user stories that guided identifiable terms for filtering, drop downs for refining the taxonomy of the search terms and defined useful present.

The best example for this was from the Furu search I had worked on for The Health Network, after a few user stories and personas were created it raised the point there were only really three key areas where a user would search, these were:
- Location based which could be either user defined or using the location tracker on iOS or Android
- Defining the types of health business the user wanted to access, this list contained only seven possible types of data.
- Refining results with reviews either business driven or user generated.

The result for this method gave us some positive feedback via users, it meant that a user using the location search and refining type of business and review returned results of no more than eight search results. For us this was excellent news because it allowed us to build the prototype quickly and not rely on complex searching, and for the user with a few simple clicks to return manageable results on mobile.

For specialised services it make more sense to filter on lean back experience, because it allows the user to find and discover content easily without taking up screen real-estate with keyboards or needing the input of several buttons.
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