GotG & Why I'm Excited.

It is rare for me to camp out like fanboy for film, buy the t-shirt and eagerly await the film’s release. However Guardians of the Galaxy I believe deserves the hype simply because it is a complete change of direction for the Marvel studios.

And it’s got a wise cracking talking racoon with a rocket launcher...

1) It’s Breaking the Marvel Model

They’ve decided to concentrate on some very off beat characters within the Marvel universe and it’s a risky move simply because it’s an unknown franchise with unknown characters. Granted Nova, Quasar and Adam Warlock are missing though it allows Marvel to introduce a completely different direction for the story line and break the traditional hero mould just like Batman Begins has done.

2) James Gunn
Any movie Gunn has written and directed have been great to watch because he manages to blend the action with humour rather well and knows how to write snappy well-written dialogue, for something like this where it is off-beat this will make the movie shine. Troma director, nuff said.

3) The Cast
There’s no massive big names in the movie, this I believe is going to allow them to concentrate on the universe and story far better opposed to using draw cards like Robert Downey Jr. or Scarlett Johannsen. Plus the casting itself seems spot on.

4) If it’s a success
Simply put, if it’s successful it will put Marvel’s mind at ease that the off-beat franchises will be a success, watch and appreciated for what they are. This will enable Marvel Studios to introduce other less known Marvel character into the mix like Dr Strange and Beta Ray Bill or the bizarre groups like the Annihilators. It should also mean the focus could change from the standard blockbuster template to movies with more intricate universe story lines that had originally drew the comic book fans in.

5) Not Stan Lee
Don’t mis-quote me here, Stan Lee is brilliant but there’s more to Marvel than just Stan. With a successful vision like GotG it will mean other talents in the Marvel family will also gain the limelight.

6) A short lived Comic
This is the real bonus IMHO, it has a cult following which means they can stay true to the comic without the mainstream inflections or preconceived notions of how the movie should run out.

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